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SkyFive provides reliable high performance broadband services to airlines and business jet operators. Rather than connecting the aircraft from distant space we do it from 10 kilometers below, through a network on the ground that creates a high-performance grid in the sky, to which aircaft can connect with just a minor modification.

Real broadband for every aircraft: how it works

Key benefits

High performance

A2G serves data at high throughput and low latency, with ample capacity to cater for every aircraft also in dense airspaces.

Certified and proven

A2G is fully certified for airworthiness and in commercial use by airlines on hundreds of aircraft

Simple and robust

Rather than tracking distant satellites in space we let the aircraft zoom through our giant data cones and reliably connect it from the ground up.


Our prepaid, postpaid, and unpaid plans – all with unlimited data – provide unheard commercial choice to airlines.

New value in the sky

More than 80% of passengers would be more likely to rebook with an airline if quality Wi-Fi was available. Serveral percentage points of fuel and CO2 emissions could be saved if flight paths were optimized in real time. Numerous processes could be digitized if aircraft systems came online. Capturing such value becomes possible with SkyFive A2G services, which boost the performance, cut the cost per bit, and change the business model of inflight connectivity all at once.

Quality Wi-Fi for everyone

Superfast data and easy access equal a home-like Wi-Fi experience, offered to passengers at a rate that stimulates mass adoption.

Digital engagement

Bringing passengers online at scale creates a platform for contextual digital engagement and ancillary revenue far beyond the onboard offering.

Operational efficiency

Secure and reliable broadband connectivity can yield manifold efficiency improvements and cost savings in flight operations and maintenance.

Aircraft modification as easy as 1-2-3

Thales was the first to embed the patented SkyFive A2G technology in a compact A2G terminal. It consists of a small antenna mounted on the aircraft belly, plus a radio head and a modem installed in the forward cargo compartment. The small size and low weight of the A2G terminal allows equipping also smaller aircraft with it, including business jets.

Ultra compact

The 3 components of the A2G terminal weigh 7.25 kg in total. Its coffee cup-sized antenna does not induce extra fuel burn.

Quick installation

Modifying an unconnected aircraft takes less than 8 hours, as proven in hundreds of installations to date.

Fit and forget

The A2G terminal requires only minimal maintenance, thanks to its simplicity and the complete absence of moving parts.

Open architecture

A2G is agnostic to the cabin network and can be combined with legacy and future satellite systems.

Miniaturization driven to the extreme

To enable mass proliferation of A2G technology, SkyFive developed DragonFly, which is a postage stamp sized A2G module that can be easily embedded in aircraft communications systems by virtue of its standard form factor and interfaces. Flightcell, a leading provider of communications solutions for helicopters and light aircraft, successfully integrated DragonFly into its DZMx system, allowing operators to flexibly connect to A2G networks, terrestrial cellular networks, and narrowband satellite services.

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