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Densest airspace and global leader in A2G


The European Aviation Network (EAN) is a single, hybrid A2G/satellite network that covers the airspace over the entire continent. With more than 1 billion passengers traveling on 11 million flights annually, this airspace is the densest worldwide.

Where passengers want it the most

Middle East

The Middle East, with Saudi Arabia at its geographical center and economical powerhouse, is adopting the SkyFive A2G solution. In 2022, a global market survey unveiled that passengers from Saudi Arabia are the ones who want inflight Internet the most, calling airlines to action.

Fastest-growing market


India is the fastest-growing airline market worldwide and adopted A2G as an option for inflight connectivity in 2018, in anticipation of the need for a high-density solution that can deliver broadband services to passengers at an extremely low price point.

Busiest air routes


The wider Asia-Pacific region has been consistently home to the busiest air routes worldwide, scoring 9 out of 10 also in the 2022 OAG statistics. SkyFive started deploying its solution in several countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Becoming the largest market


China is forecasted to become the largest airline market worldwide and set out on a mission to connect its busy skies with the means of a nationwide Air-to-Ground network. In 2021, SkyFive and Airbus demonstrated a solution to leading Chinese airlines.

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Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility is not only a new paradigm for short haul air travel in cities, based on emission-free and low-noise eVTOL aircraft. It also spearheads the profound digitization of the aviation industry at large, for which highly reliable broadband connectivity in the sky is an indespensable enabler. SkyFive is actively supporting the UAM industry in this mission by making its A2G technology palatable for weight-constrained aircraft and city-level network deployments.

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