SkyFive IFC China Receives the Prestigious "Invisible Unicorn" Award at the 2023 Digital Economy Conference

January 18, 2024

Beijing, China, January 18th, 2024


SkyFive Inflight Connectivity (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as SkyFive IFC China), proudly announces its recognition as a "2023 Digital Economy Invisible Unicorn Enterprises" at the esteemed 2023 Digital Economy Conference, held on December 20th in Beijing, China. This prestigious award celebrates SkyFive IFC China's significant achievements and innovative contributions to advancing the Chinese aviation connectivity and pioneering the integration of Air-to-Ground technology in the industry. SkyFive ’s efforts have notably transformed the experience of airborne communications, marking a new era in airline passenger services and air mobility solutions.

Invisible Unicorn Award Ceremony at the 2023 Digital Economy Conference. 3rd from left: Bruce Li, CEO SkyFive IFC China

The conference was jointly held by the China Economic Development Research Association, China Invention Association and China Artificial Intelligence Society, and was jointly organized by the Daxing District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Beijing Daxing Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and Beijing Invisible Unicorn Information Technology Institute.


SkyFive was recognized for its revolutionary Air-to-Ground (A2G) solution, which provides reliable, high-speed broadband services to airlines, business jet operators and eVTOLs. This solution is based on proven cellular technology, offering a superior alternative or addition to satellite systems in terms of data speed, total cost of ownership, size, and scalability. The award underscores SkyFive’s role in shaping the future of in-flight connectivity and its contribution to the digital transformation of the aviation industry.

Bruce Li

CEO of SkyFive IFC China

The Chinese market is a pivotal part of our global expansion strategy. Being recognized as an ‘Invisible Unicorn’ at the Digital Economy Unicorn Conference highlights our strong presence and influence in the region. We are dedicated to further developing our advanced A2G connectivity solutions and working closely with our partners to contribute to the bright future of aviation in China."

Thorsten Robrecht

CEO & Founder of SkyFive AG

The recognition as an 'Invisible Unicorn' for the Chinese Market marks a significant milestone for SkyFive globally and is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative connectivity solutions and services to the global aviation industry. Our Air-to-Ground technology is revolutionizing the way airline passengers communicate and interact, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this overall digital transformation of the aviation industry – in China and globally.

The 2023 Digital Economy Conference themed "Digital Boosting Power & Leading the New Track," brought together top players in the digital economy. The jury highlighted the flourishing digital economy sector and has selected SkyFive IFC China as one of the 500 "2023 Digital Economy Invisible Unicorn Enterprises" due to its unique technological innovation and brand influence.



About SkyFive:

SkyFive provides Inflight Connectivity services based on its unique Air-to-Ground technology. The company’s mission is to deliver true broadband services to airline passengers, enable the real-time transfer of vast amounts of aircraft data, and support ultra-reliable low latency communications required for the mass proliferation of Advanced Air Mobility. SkyFive connects aircraft of any kind and size through giant cells in the sky, thereby leveraging the performance and cost benefits of the 4G and 5G mobile ecosystem. SkyFive was established as a spin-off from Nokia in 2019, is headquartered in Munich, Germany, and operates several sites for R&D and service delivery in major aviation markets.


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