SkyFive and FTI Engineering Network team up to bring airline fleets online faster

SkyFive and FTI Engineering Network team up to bring airline fleets online faster
SkyFive being selected by Airbus as the exclusive connectivity service provider for its Air Mobility Initiative
Pivotel and SkyFive to bring high-speed Internet to the skies of Australia
Broadband Aviation Forum 2021: a 360° view to real broadband services in the sky

Cost-effective solutions


Airlines require true broadband connectivity for their fleets to operate efficiently, provide a differentiating passenger experience, and generate ancillary revenue – especially in the wake of COVID-19. SkyFive heralds the Gigabit age in aviation and enables the profound digitization of the aviation industry.

Reliable connectivity

Public safety

Public safety authorities can enhance airborne mission effectiveness by real time data exchange with the ground. SkyFive provides reliable and secure broadband connectivity to helicopters and unpressurized aircraft flying in the lower airspace, which enables entirely new use cases.

Increasing profits

Mobile Operators

Serving subscribers everywhere, also in the aircraft cabin, drives revenue, brand value and loyalty for Mobile Operators. Connecting aircraft of any kind – airliners, business jets, helicopters, UAVs – constitutes a unique new business opportunity, which can be realized by partnering with SkyFive.

Our products


We create cellular networks in the sky, based on our unique Air-to-Ground solution that leverages standard 4G and 5G technologies. Aircraft of any size connect with a compact terminal, to receive up to 1 Gigabit of throughput at less than 1 millisecond of radio latency even in dense airspaces.


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