Create the Internet of the Skies

Create the Internet of the Skies

Value is in the Air

Airline passengers want to stay connected but suffer from poor performance of today’s inflight Wi-Fi services. Engines that generate Terabytes of data on every flight. Taxi drones that will require reliable connectivity for safely navigating dense urban airspaces. Connecting the skies generates huge benefits for an ecosystem much larger than aviation.

What we do

We are creating cellular networks in the skies, by setting up towers on the ground and pointing the antennas skywards. Our cells can be of giant size, given that nothing obstructs the radio signals when traveling from the ground to the aircraft and back. All that the aircraft needs is a compact terminal, including a palm-sized antenna mounted under its belly.

Who we are

SkyFive was spun off from Nokia in 2019 to create a specialist company for Air-to-Ground (A2G) solutions and services. Our team has led the technology from early research to large-scale implementation in more than 30 countries in Europe. Our disruptive A2G solution and unique competence constitutes a new crossover between aviation and telecommunications.