True broadband at a 100fold cost benefit

A2G is the only technology that can meet the ever increasing demand for broadband connectivity in the sky. Our solution delivers bandwidth up to 100 times cheaper than satellite systems, and flexibly scales to address the further growth in data traffic – growth that is fueled by the overall increase in air traffic, by more passengers and aircraft systems coming online, and by the growing amount of data that each passenger and aircraft system will demand per each flight.

Key benefits

High throughput

Delivers up to 100 Mbps per aircraft, with a roadmap to 1 Gbps, based on the standard 4G/5G technology evolution.​

Low latency

Transmits data over 10km rather than 36.000km, and inherits the low latency properties of 4G/5G technologies.​

Abundant capacity

Creates a dense grid of cells to ensure that the full throughput is available for all aircraft in the airspace.​

Lowest cost per bit

Leverages standard 4G/5G network components, and reuses existing towers and other ground infrastructure.​


Palm-sized antennas hardly add weight and drag, and thereby contribute to aircraft efficiency.

Quick to install

Allows retrofitting an aircraft in less than 8 hours, as proven in hundreds of installations to date.