The only Gigabit solution for connecting the skies

A2G is the only technology that can meet the ever-increasing demand for broadband connectivity in the sky. Our solution delivers bandwidth up to 100 times cheaper than satellite systems, and flexibly scales to address the further growth in data traffic – growth that is fueled by the overall increase in air traffic, by more passengers and aircraft systems coming online, and by the growing amount of data that each passenger and aircraft system will demand per each flight.

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Key benefits

True broadband

Delivers between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps (spectrum-dependent) per aircraft, at a radio latency of less than 1 millisecond.

Abundant capacity

Creates a dense grid of cells to ensure that the full throughput is available to all aircraft in the airspace.

Open standards

Leverages standard 4G and 5G technology, its evolution, and the vast economies of scale of the mobile communications industry.


Ground network

The A2G network consists of base stations and a centralized core network. One base station typically covers the airspace within a 100km radius and supplies up to 100 Mbit/s per aircraft, with a roadmap to 1 Gbit/s. We leverage standard 4G/5G products and complement those with purpose-built A2G components. Our patented software algorithms ensure that aircraft can reliably connect even at high speeds, at high altitudes, and across long ranges.

Aircraft terminal

Our partner Thales was the first to implement an A2G terminal based on the SkyFive algorithms. The terminal consists of one or two palm-sized antennas mounted under the aircraft belly, and one or two remote radio heads and a baseband unit inside the aircraft. In contrast to satellite systems the additional fuel consumption caused by the A2G terminal is negligible. Its small size and low weight allows equipping also smaller aircraft with it, including business jets.

Professional services

As an A2G specialist, and based on our extensive experience from building the European Aviation Network, SkyFive provides the full range of professional services including planning, implementation, commercial launch, continuous optimization, and managed services. In addition, SkyFive offers business consulting, with a focus on quantitative market research, business case modeling, and service pricing.

White Papers and Videos

Solution overview

Solution overview for non-technical readers

Spectrum specifics

Specifics of the A2G Radio Frequency spectrum

Solution Video

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An illustrated 360° view to broadband communications in the sky and the SkyFive A2G solution


Key features of the SkyFive A2G solution

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