Fully connected airborne missions

The effectiveness of airborne missions of public safety authorities – police, search & rescue, firefighters, military – is greatly enhanced by real time broadband data exchange with the ground. SkyFive provides reliable and secure broadband connectivity in the skies and enables new use cases around rich communications and live streaming of video, telemetry, and biometric data.

Key benefits


The A2G network is optimized for sky coverage and dedicates its full capacity to aerial users.


Entirely private cellular network secured with state-of-the-art ciphering and encryption mechanisms.

High performance

Supports bandwidth-hungry and low latency applications and enables real time analysis of airborne sensor data on the ground.

Joint operations

Enables integrated communications between airborne assets, ground teams, and command center.

Lowest operating cost

The compact A2G terminal can be easily integrated into the cockpit. Telco-style flat data pricing encourages data consumption.

All aircraft types

The lightweight A2G terminal and its low-profile antenna fit on helicopters, turboprops, and small unpressurized aircraft.

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