EAN resets the benchmark in inflight connectivity

A single European sky is already a reality – at least what comes to connectivity. The European Aviation Network (EAN) is a single, hybrid A2G/satellite network that covers the airspace over more than 30 countries of Europe. With more than 1 billion passengers traveling on 11 million flights annually, this airspace is the densest worldwide. The successful implementation of the A2G solution is testament to the performance of the technology and our capability to deliver it. EAN won the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Award for “Best Inflight Connectivity Innovation” and the German Innovation Award founded by the German Design Council and launched by the German Parliament.

Key features

Seamless coverage

EAN consists of 300 base stations that are deployed all across Europe, typically at elevated locations. Towers from terrestrial networks were largely reused. EAN services can be accessed on more than 150 routes across Europe, and to date almost 3 million passengers have traveled on aircraft equipped with the A2G terminal.

High performance

Based on a spectrum allocation of 2×15 MHz, EAN provides up to 75 Mbps per aircraft in each of its A2G cells. It also achieves an end-to-end latency that is 10-20X lower than for traditional satellite services, which leads to significantly better application performance, especially for those delivered from the cloud.

Hybrid A2G/satellite

EAN is a unique solution created by a group of companies that bring together expertise in terrestrial and satellite communications, avionics, and inflight connectivity services. Inmarsat provides inflight connectivity and satellite services to EAN customers, Deutsche Telekom operates the A2G network and acts as the Internet Service Provider.

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