True broadband for the entire fleet

The pressure on airlines to operate profitably, reduce carbon footprint, and improve the passenger experience keeps increasing. Digitization offers solutions to these challenges but requires true broadband connectivity as an enabler. SkyFive heralds the Gigabit age in aviation, by completely redefining total capacity, data throughput per aircraft, transmission latency, and total cost of ownership of inflight connectivity.

Key benefits

Wi-Fi for everyone

High throughput, low latency, and seamless authentication deliver a differentiating broadband Internet service to everyone the cabin.

Digital engagement

Enables personalized services, ancillary revenue generation, and smart implementations of COVID-19 safety protocols.

Operational efficiency

Secure broadband connectivity enables streamlined flight operations, inflight diagnostics, and predictive maintenance based on massive IoT data transfer.

Lowest operating cost

The lightweight, no-drag A2G terminal is fuel-efficient and requires only minimal maintenance due to its simplicity and the absence of moving parts.

Quick to install

Retrofitting a commercial single-aisle aircraft takes 9 hours and less, as proven in hundreds of installations to date.

Telco economics

Telco-style flat data pricing encourages data consumption; the zero-CAPEX procurement option alleviates the cash strain of aircraft operators.

Contractual flexibility

The A2G terminal and its service subscription are unbundled, such that the aircraft can flexibly connect to any ground network.

Gate to gate

Very large cells in the sky and small cells at the airport provide true broadband services inflight and on the ground.

All aircraft types

The palm-sized A2G terminal fits on widebodies, single-aisles, regional jets, turboprops, and business jets.

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